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Tools for finding the right keyword for your content

 how to search keywords on a website If you want to generate the first results for search engines, here are some tips and tools to help you do this.

how to search keywords on a website
free keyword research tool

free keyword research tool : Thoughts crowded into my mind when I talked with the team about the keyword and its importance in the success of our writing and the first results in Google came out, and the memory went to the day when we got a large-sized computer as a reward for my brother for his permanent success, we did not know at that time that it was a gateway to a virtual world that refuses to stand still, always moving towards evolution until we reached what it is now from technology.

Search engines are at the top of the list of permanent technological development through their algorithms, including Google, as website owners are looking for ways to have their sites top search engines and appear in the first results of target audience searches, as the search engine work process is divided into two main processes::

Build the index.

The order of the pages within the results page.

Criteria for ranking results in search engines

The quality of content is one of the most important criteria for ranking results in search engines, especially Google, but that is in addition to the following criteria:

best keyword research tool

The relevance of the page content to the keyword that the user is looking for.

How important this page is compared to similar pages of “competitors” on the internet.

The presence of the keyword or its synonyms within the main title tag of the page, which is the title of the tab that appears on the Internet Browser, and its importance lies in that it summarizes the content of the page.

The presence of the keyword within the page title URL in the browser, which is the text used in the browser to access a specific website, such as WWW.naaktob.com.

The frequency and presence of the keyword in the text logically, but provided that the text is understandable to the reader so that it helps search engines to understand the text as well.

The presence of the keyword in the Meta description tag, which is a simplified description of the page content as a latency from the programmatic part of the page, and does not appear to the reader on the site page but appears on the results page.

The speed of loading site pages.

Compatibility of the site with smartphone devices.

The site should be encrypted and use the HTTP protocol, for greater protection and security.

best keyword research tool 2023
best keyword research tool

Know the keyword

The keyword or keyword is a word or a set of words that the user types in the search box within the search engines, and one of the most important features of the keyword of the site:

Be highly and clearly related to the content provided by the site.

It should be specific and not general, preferably consisting of 3 or more words, which are known as Long tail keywords.

The keyword should be searched enough on search engines.

There should be relatively little competition for these words so that the page can appear in the search engine results.

Choosing a keyword according to the expected intention of the person who used this word and searching for it, for example, if there is a student who wants to travel and study medicine in America, he will search for the best medical schools in America and will not write the best American colleges.

7 of the best tools for finding the right keyword for your content

There are many ways that we can use to determine the appropriate keyword for the content that we want to write, and some of these methods are very easy and others need concentration and accuracy while following it, and these methods are:

Google suggestions

We can use the Google suggestions that he suggests during the search process under the search box, as well as the results that appear at the end of the results page under the heading” searches related to the word we are looking for” to find out which words many users are searching for. From my point of view, this tool is good for finding out a general keyword that is not specialized enough.

Advanced Search from Google Advanced Search

Google provides a page dedicated to the most accurate search for specific words or topics on the internet known as advanced Google Search, where this page provides information about what you are looking for in terms of language and scope.

Solve tool

Shovel offers keyword suggestions from Google, YouTubeYahooAmazon, and other sites on one page, as soon as you type the keyword in the tool’s search box, all results appear at once.

In addition, you can save, print proposals and get the most searched proposals in the order of the letters of the English alphabet.

Google Keyword Planner tool

The keyword search tool from Google provides statistics on the number of times users have searched for a specific word, and it also provides a more specific search by choosing the language and country where your target audience is located, the goal here is to find out how many times the keyword has been searched in a certain period of time.

From the same tool, you can select key word ideas and type the keyword in the search box to get country-specific ideas related to the keyword.

MOZ Keyword Explorer tool

This tool measures the number of searches for a particular keyword on search engines, especially Google, in addition to ranking the results to find powerful suggestions that you can use as keywords.

The Keywords Everywhere tool

This tool works by installing it on the browser you are working on, whether it is Google Chrome or Firefox, and after installing the tool you can do an accurate and detailed search for the keyword and the number of times you search for it on multiple platforms such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, and others.

Google Trends tool

Google Trends is a tool known as Google statistics and is characterized by showing news related to the searches of users around the world by a graph, so that it shows the most searched keywords in a particular region of the world, and thus allows you to target the appropriate keyword.

How to use the right keyword in the content

There are several basic places within the content that should include the presence of the keyword used, and these places are:

Distribute the keyword in the content appropriately, for example, if you write an article of 1000 words, it should contain the keyword by 2%, that is, approximately 10 times.

Write the keyword in the title tag of the main page title tag and be at the beginning of the title.

Write the keyword in the title of the URL page.

Type the keyword in the description tag of the Meta description Page.

Using images the keyword or its synonyms are used in the image file name, the alternative text of the image, and you can use Advanced Image Search to get images with certain specifications.

Use the keyword in internal links to other related pages within the site.

Use keywords in the main headings on the page.

The search engines are working to show what we are looking for by typing the keyword in the search box in less than a second, and the sites that appear in the first results of the search process are unique content compatible with search engines and this is what our team is working to provide you, please feel free to contact us.

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