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how to delete gmail account from chrome browser

how to delete saved gmail account from computer 

The international company Google chrome browser created a non-paid email service called Gmail in 2004, but it made this service available to the public in 2007, as it was an experimental service in its beginnings, and it is worth noting that this email was different from others, as it was directly dependent on the web, which means that its browsers can use it from their phones, computers and other smart devices that can be connected to the internet, and the method of deleting a Gmail account will be explained in this article.

how to delete gmail account from chrome browser

How to create a Gmail account

Before viewing the method of deleting a Gmail account, it is worth mentioning the method of creating it, as the Gmail email is a good start for those who did not have any email before; due to the small space consumed when downloading it, in addition to containing many distinctive services, the following steps can be followed to make a new Gmail account:

Login to the official Gmail website www.gmail.com and click on the option to create an account, and in case there is another account open on the browser, you should click on the option “use another account” located at the bottom under the accounts on the browser.

Clicking on the “for myself” option.

Fill in the required options, then click on the “next” option.

Enter the phone number, then click on the “next” option, copy the code sent by message to the phone given its number and enter it on the following page.

Fill in the required options, then click on the “next” option.

Read Google’s privacy information, then click the OK button.

Clicking on the “next” option.

Choose the design to be used to display messages, and then click the OK button.

After following all the previous steps, you will go to the set-up Gmail account, which is located in the user’s inbox and within a message from Google with information about how to use the account.[٢]

How to delete a Gmail account

The Gmail account does not provide a service to delete the Gmail account temporarily; [٣] as the deletion process is final without the ability to retrieve it, and when an individual permanently deletes the Gmail account, it will result in the loss of all his data and account contents such as: emails, photos, files, etc., in addition to the loss of all other accounts associated with this account such as YouTube, Calendar, Google Drive and any other accounts associated with it, the Gmail account can be permanently deleted without returning it, following the following steps that show the method of deleting the Gmail account:[٤]

Open the user’s Google account.

In the left menu, there is a data and personalization option that you must click on.

Clicking on the “Delete service” or “delete account” option located under the download Menu, Delete, or make a plan for the user’s dashboard.

Clicking on the Delete Account option located in the Delete Account menu in Google.

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