July 14, 2024
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Download Opera Browser 92 for PC 2024


 Download Browse Opera to surf the Internet at high speed for PC

opera chrome : Opera Internet browser ublock origin opera gx is one of the most powerful and fastest Internet browsers where you can browse websites at high speed and open websites that use modern technologies such as Css3 and HML5, the browser supports working with all operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 8 and others, Opera browser supports unlimited number of openings From windows in one window and prevent annoying ads and pop-ups from appearing and supports watching high-quality videos and movies from YouTube and opening social networking sites easily and the ability to save the login name and passwords for sites, the Opera browser is characterized by a smooth and simple interface 

Download Opera Browser 92 for PC

The Opera browser has won   the admiration of millions of users around the world and has won many international awards. You can erase the traces of internet browsing, such as clearing cookies and cache to protect privacy. You can protect your free copy of the wonderful Uber browser to enjoy fast browsing of websites, and it has been updated and added the feature of a fast PDF reader to open files High speed without making changes to it and notifying you with alerts when you receive messages on your e-mail and easy synchronization between the open tabs of different computers.

Download Opera Browser for PC 2023

It works to preserve your privacy, protect your personal data from hackers, and make it easy to conduct banking and financial transactions through e-shopping sites in complete safety. The browser stores the browsed sites for easy reference again and the ability to make a list of the most important websites you visit constantly to quickly open them at any time.

The Uber browser supports VR technology, where you can watch 360-degree virtual reality videos through the browser.

What’s new in  Opera 91

1- Improve the browser interface and browser performance.

2- The pages and bookmarks button and the browsing history button has been moved to the left of the browser.

3- Adding the latest news in the world from world famous websites.

4- Activate and improve the performance of the Activate button and quickly reload the page.

5- Do not close the browser while downloading files.

6- It does not support re-downloading files after restarting the page.

7- Not opening some web pages while running AdBlock.

8- Play videos on one side of the screen only.

9 – Get notifications from e-mail and social networking sites.

10- Turn on the power saving mode while the device is not turned on.

11- The possibility of switching the browser background to orange.

12- When you turn on the ad blocker, YouTube browsing history does not appear.

13- Fixed autocomplete problems when typing in the browser.

14- Adblock rules are still active despite being removed from the list.

15. Play all audio and video files while connected to the Internet.

Built-in VPN feature with the browser that helps you maintain your privacy while browsing various websites.

Integrated with the browser is also an innovative tool to combat Bitcoin mining through the Internet browser and work on consuming computer resources.

Download Opera Browser

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